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A picture can inspire a thousand words

Use photolanguage activities to facilitate Scrum events

Photolanguage is an activity in which we use photographs to facilitate reflection, expression of emotions, feelings, values, aspirations, and ideas in small groups.

Photos are displayed and participants look at the photographs that have been chosen to their capacity to stimulate imagination and select one image that resonates with them. Participants then share their reactions to the photograph, in relation to focus questions provided by a facilitator.

Most teams I worked with include at least one or two members who don’t say much when it comes to expression and giving feedback. I know they each have a lot to contribute but at every meeting, we have had, very few of them speak up, while others rarely participate.

As a facilitator, it’s quite challenging to get people to talk and to make sure everyone’s opinions and ideas are heard and problems are raised. But since I started running Photolanguage sessions with my teams, gathering everyone’s thoughts becomes less struggling.


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